Landmark 435 Guest House, Harlem, NYC – Review

The Landmark 435 guest house was one of the cheapest places in Manhattan that I could find to stay. The cost was £79 per night, for 2 people including breakfast.

The guesthouse is old, and whilst it has lots of charm is in need of desperate refurbishment. The facilities did work, but only just. The bathroom is shared and a bit funky.

The guesthouse comprises of two brownstone houses, right next to each other. They are run by a nice lady, and her small staff. The staff could have been more friendly.

The bedroom had tired and random furniture. The bedclothes were old, but did seem clean. Our bedroom had an air cooler, sticking out the window, just like in the movies. However, it was so loud we had to turn it off at night. It was fine before going to sleep though.

The breakfast was very basic, just bagels with suspicious butter.

Getting to the hotel is easy using an A Subway train, then a simple 2 block walk to the guesthouse.

The area is a little edgy. Some people might feel uncomfortable. The guesthouse owner told us too not hang around outside after 10pm. This is as the police like to keep the streets free of people, which goes to ensure that there is less crime.

In summary, whilst this is a cheap place to stay, it’s not in good condition, and does feel a dirty. It’s a quick ride downtown, and so not a bad place to stay when you consider everything. Worth staying at if you can’t find something better. If you don’t care about staying downtown stay at the Comfort Inn on Staten Island for nearly half the price. 

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