I’ve lost nearly 1.5 stones in the last 4 months, since we’ve been on the road. This is due to a combination of eating healthily and lots of exercise.

The healthy eating is the result of something that I still find a bit strange. Paul McKenna. Paul McKenna is best known for being a hypnotist, on UK television. He’s very impressive, but his TV appearances seem a bit old fashioned.
However, it seems Paul has been making books, telling people how to achieve certain things, for some time. His best sellers is “I Can Make You Thin”.
I’ve seen this book in the window of the book store. I was very dubious of it, despite it being in the window, which I should have taken as a sign of its success.

Paul’s system works by highlighting how most of us eat when we’re not hungry, and we often clear our plate, even if we’re full midway through the meal. All of these things results in us consuming extra calories, which is where weight gain comes from.

Instead now, Abs and I, eat smaller meals, often leave some, stop when we’re full, and only eat when we’re hungry. We buy fewer groceries, often have a tiny evening meal, and we’ve lost a good deal of weight.

It’s a great system, based on simple proper eating. No magic involved. It does come with a CD, which Abs finds makes here feel good. I listen to the CD sometimes.

The exercise is mainly coming from cycling. We do at least 4 miles most days. Sometimes 10 miles, and yesterday 20 miles.

We also do a lot of walking.

I get to surf sometimes. A few times this week, but not much before as we’ve been on the Mediterranean coast.

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