“Everytime I go into that shop they annoy me”

“Every time I go into that shop they annoy me”

That’s the phrase I overhead a neighbour at the campsite here in France say this morning.

I’m a little confused. The shop is lovely. It sells lovely French things, in the French way. There is almost always fresh baguettes available to buy. In the morning there are piles of fresh croissants and pastries to buy. The staff are always bubbly, friendly and lovely.

Every time I go into this shop I feel great. I find it hard to imagine how it would’t lift ones sprits.

So why is this man annoyed when he goes in? I don’t know. But by studying him occasionally over the past few days, it’s clear he is a man with a cloudy outlook on life. He seems frustrated and annoyed by most things.

Life is too short to get upset by everything. Life is too short to not be doing what you really want to do.

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