The Fairy Spring and waterfall, Mui Ne, Vietnam

We jump on the motorbike and head down to the beach we saw yesterday. The tide is really high and there is barely any beach left. Mui Ne is a nice little town, but it’s been disappointing that we can’t find any nice places to swim. The winds are strong and this seems to make the beaches smaller.

Disappointed we head east again and try to find the Fairy Spring. After a couple of wrong turns I ask a travel agent and he points just around the corner. Right by the lane to the spring is a ‘bike keeper’, run by a few enterprising lads. We leave the bike there, and 2 of the lads take us down to the stream.

We walk up the stream for about 1 kilometre. The young lads show us lots of things along the way including springs and quick sand. We have to climb around a few rock faces before we come to the waterfall, which really isn’t very impressive. We head back stopping to get wet at a smaller waterfall which is a bit more accessible. It’s hot and the waterfall is exactly what we need. We walk back down the stream taking photos. As we near the end of the stream the lads ask for money, saying that the bigger boys will take it off them if we pay them back at the bike. I give them 50,000Dong to share between them. Naturally they ask for more, 100,000Dong each. I laugh and say no. They persist, so I take the money back off them and walk away. They then say OK, 50,000Dong is fine, so I give it back. We pay for the bike and leave.

I ask the lads about somewhere good to swim and they point us in the direction of the beach we tried earlier. We head back that way, but the tide is still too high. We see another bigger stretch of sand in the distance. We ride as close as we can, getting lost in a few bigger resorts. We see one guy who suggests we follow him down a lane. We follow, and the lane turns really rocky. Eventually we make it down to the beach side, but the waves are strong and we only stop for a few minutes before heading off.

We go back to the hotel and relax for the afternoon. I buy our bus tickets for tomorrow to take us to Saigon.

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