Moving hotel and motorbike rides in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Our room last night was a bit below par, so first thing we take a walk and look at a place we looked at last night. We come back, grab our bags and get some breakfast. We feel much happier in our new room.

We relax for a while and set off for a swim. But, the wind is so strong that there is no sandy beach left, and it is certainly too dangerous to swim. A bit deflated we decide to rent a motorbike, something that is always fun.

Our bike is a bit battered, but we head off full of enthusiasm. We ride right down to the local fishing village, as far as we can go. The views are good, although a little windy. We turn around and ride back towards Phat Thien. The town is pretty small and we seem to ride right through it. We go back and watch a photo shoot on the beach for what looks like a music video.

We jump on the bike and stop for some souvenir shopping. Then back to the hotel for food and sleep.

2 thoughts on “Moving hotel and motorbike rides in Mui Ne, Vietnam”

  1. wow
    Hi Darren… what a fab journal, I can’t beleive how uselss I have been in keeping up to date…very strange as you guys seem to be having a truly eye wondering expereince and life continues the same here! Cannot wait to see you guys and hear all about it. Your blog is brilliant/, fab pictures and you write so brilliantly.. kisses to Abs and you too!! H xxxxxxx

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