Relaxed day in Vientiane, Laos

After a late start to recover from yesterdays traveling we head out and walk around Vientiane. We stop at the black stupa, take some snaps and then see the Arc d’Triomph in the distance. We head up and find some shady breeze underneath the monument. There are a lot of monks here, so we take a lot of photos and I have a quick chat with one. It’s very cheap to climb the steps inside the monument, so we go up. The views are great.

We see a water park in the distance which looks very inviting. I work out it’s general location and we head down and start walking. We stop at a mobile phone shop and buy a Laos sim card. We keep walking, and although we can occasionally see the water park through the distance we can’t find a road that takes us there. We do stumble upon what looks like a wedding party, with everyone dancing and having a great time. We get a few smiles and laughs from them. After more walking we follow a lane and find the water park. Unfortunately they are still building the park, so we walk through to the entrance and grab lunch at a cafe.

We head out again and find 2 great temples. The first is very active with monks painting the statues , carving and blessing people. There is a really good vibe at this temple. Soon after we find another temple, but it is very quiet. We do see the house where the monks live.

We head back to the hotel, relax and grab dinner.

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