Phuket, Thailand

We are pleased to leave our grossly overpriced and grotty hotel room and spend the morning relaxing on the beach. He have a bite to eat from the cheap eateries place where we have taken all of our meals (money straight into the locals pockets) and head down to the boat jetty. Once we get on the boat I feel unwell, and then Abs does, but we settle in and get to Phuket without any problems.

My Lonely Planet guide book suggests staying in Phuket town, rather than at the beaches, which are crammed with tourists and related services. Considering we are trying to avoid staying in touristy areas, and have just overdosed on such areas, we decide to stay in Phuket town. We get a mini-bus to the town bus station. We walk a few blocks and find the Talang Guesthouse which is recommended. The guesthouse is lovely, and the sort of price we like to stay. Our moods are lifted as we find real Thailand again, after the disappointment of the overpriced, over hyped tourist factories of the last few days.

In the evening we take a little walk and find a great restaurant selling good, cheap Thai food.

I think we will be staying here and exploring Phuket for a while.

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