Ko Phi Phi Island, Thailand

We catch a bus and then a ferry from Krabi to the Island of Ko Phi Phi We pass several small islands and rock formations during the 1 hour boat ride. As we near to Phi Phi we can see how beautiful the island is, and we notice several beautiful small bays, which is the sort of place were we love to stay.

The ferry docks at the jetty and everyone scrambles to get off. Once we are on terra firma Abby minds the luggage whilst I try join the scrum at the tourist information offices. Accommodation is expensive here (1,000 Baht), even more so at the beautiful bays that we like so much. Whilst the island is beautiful this is the home of packaged tourist holidays, the one thing we are trying to avoid on this trip. We settle on an OK looking hotel, pay the absurd amount and take a trek down to the resort.

The room is adequate, although I had expected more for the money.

We feel uneasy here on Phi Phi. The island is covered in package resorts and their tourists. This is not what we had expected or wanted. We head out and stop for lunch. At least we can find good food at reasonable prices.

We go down to the beach and take a swim. The water is very warm and clear, although the reef seems damaged, and we can only assume it tsunami damage, as this island was hit very hard.

After a stroll in the afternoon we get an early night, as Abby doesn’t feel so well, and we avoid the tourist noisy outside.

I book us tickets to Phuket tomorrow. We intend to stay in the town, away from the tourists there too.

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