Rough boat ride back to mainland Malaysia

We get up early to find the monsoon has blown out, but big waves remain from yesterdays winds. We make our way across the island just as the sun is rising. I like walking through the jungle this early, but I have to admit I kept my eyes open for fresh spider webs across the pathways. The spiders here are big and nasty.

There are a few people waiting at the jetty, and many more arrive whilst we wait. No one seems to know whether the boats are coming today, but we assume they will. A little after 8am I see a boat in the distance getting closer. It’s a fast boat, but there is only 1 and there are about 50 people waiting by now. Eventually, after a lot of talking amongst the boatmen, and many mobile phone calls we get aboard the second boat to arrive and we head off back towards the mainland. About halfway into the crossing the seas get rough. As the mainland becomes closer the waves get big. Bigger than the boat in fact, but the driver skilfully ‘surfs’ the waves, making use of the 400hp engines to stay within the waves and safely deliver us to the jetty. There were a couple of moments when the boat felt like it was tipping sideways, but the driver never looked concerned. He even gave me a thumbs up at one point.

Back at the jetty Abby and I have banana pancakes for breakfast. I arrange a Taxi to the Thai border.

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