Monsoon dampens the day on Pulau Perenthian Kecil, Malaysia

We wake to find strong winds and heavy rain bashing the coast. We had planned to take the noon boat back to the mainland. We ask a few locals, including crazy Carlos, who all seem to think the boat will come. We decide that the sea is so rough that we wouldn’t want to take the boat anyway, and stay for another day.

Some of the lads from the place we are staying take a surfboard out and ride some of the waves. We join them by taking a swim. The waves are rough and the currents are very strong.

It’s a shame there is only power on the island between 7pm and 7am, as we have some movies and TV programs to watch on the laptop, and I’d like to get a little work done. Oh well, we cant have everything. We keep ourselves busy, indoors mostly, but occasionally dodging the rain. We even have a game of twister.

Hopefully the boat will come tomorrow and take us back to the mainland. We’re hoping to catch the bus to Thailand.

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