Last Minute Holiday Tips and Ideas

Last minute holidays are one of the best ways of getting a bargain holiday.  The resorts and flights are the same, it’s just that the price you pay is lower!
Here are some tips to help you find great last minute holiday deals.

5 Best Tips to Find Last Minute Holidays

  1. Be flexible about where you want to go.  The more flexible you are the better your chances of getting a bargain holiday.  Have a shortlist of say 5 places you’d like to visit, and start looking at those holidays first.
  2. Use a reputable holiday booking site like  They find loads of last minute cheap holidays and make it easy to find your dream bargain get away.
  3. Book outside of peak times.  Summer holidays, easter holidays and Christmas are always the busiest time, and the most expensive.  The further from these dates you book, the better the bargain you’ll get.
  4. Use different airports.  Smaller regional airports often have lots of unsold holidays/flights, so they come up as the cheapest.  It might only take an extra hour to travel to a different airport to get the bargain holiday.
  5. Be flexible with your dates.  If you have to travel on certain dates you’ll limit the flights you can take.  The more flexible you are, the more bargain holidays that will be available to you.

5 Best Places to Visit for Last Minute Holidays

  1. Greece – Thousands of Islands, endless sunshine and turquoise waters.  It’s no wonder that Greece has become the top bargain holiday destination.
  2. Egypt – Escape to the North African Culture, with sunshine, warm Arabian seas, great value shopping and lots and lots of culture.  As well as the fantastic beach resorts such as Sharm El Sheikh, you can take day trips to the Pyramids of Giza, Luxor and other great sites.
  3. Spain – The original European holiday resort still holds its own.  Islands such as Ibiza, Menorca, Lanzarotte and Tenerife offer fantastic holidays, with sun, sea and Sangria!
  4. Cyprus – This beautiful islands offers fantastic sunshine, food, drink and culture.  Many bargains are to be had here.
  5. Turkey – Outside the EU, and with plenty to offer the bargain hunter.  Turkey has loads of great price holidays now.  Combines with great food and shopping, why not give it a try for something new and different?

Last minute holidays are a great way of getting away for less.  Experience the same holidays as others, just pay a lot less for it!

For maximum holiday value, always go self-catering, shop at the supermarkets and enjoy yourselves!

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