Gunung (Mount) Bromo, Java, Indonesia

4am start! as we jump in a jeep and drive across the lava valley floor up to the observation point. Abby and I grab a well needed coffee as the other people make their way up the hill. When we join them the sun is about to join us for the day.

We take dozens of photos of everything we can. It is quite amazing. When the sun has fully risen Gunung Bromo shares it’s glory with us.

The mountain behind has a little eruption of its own.

The jeep takes us back down to the crater floor

And we walk up to the craters edge.

The sulphur is truly overpowering and we use our clothes to help us breath.

Back at the hotel we shower, have breakfast and get ready to leave. We are sorry to say goodbye to Gunung Bromo and it’s ‘end of the world’ feel. But, I am freezing and want that Indonesian heat again.

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