Probolinggo and onto Gunung Bromo, Java, Indonesia

We catch the 6pm (ish) bus from Kuta which drives through the night, taking the ferry across to Java. The bus drops us off in Probolinggo at 4am, outside a travel agents. I chat to the guy and he offers me the perfect package for us; a lift to the town of Cemoro Lawang today, and then tomorrow a jeep ride to the viewing point, then upto the crater edge, a lift back to Probolinggo and the bus to Yogyakarta.

A mini-bus winds through the steep hills of the volcano area onto Cemoro Lawang, passing through small villages. There are endless near vertical farms making use of the very fertile soil. When we get to the hotel we see the crater area, and the views are just stunning. The mountains within the crater seem very small. It’s not until later that we see vehicles on the crater floor than we get a perspective and realise the sheer size of the mountains.

The town definitely has a ‘off the beaten track feel’, even though there are regular visitors to the area. It is definitely different to the convenience of Kuta, and I like it.

The overnight bus was OK, but we got little sleep. After checking into the hotel we crash-out straight away.

I can’t help but stare at the amazing view of the crater. I take a quick walk and see potential, so I go back to the hotel and get Abs. We have a great lunch at a cafe and get lots of information from the friendly locals. We are excited about getting closer to the crater edge tomorrow. One of the locals tells us about how the crater erupts every 4 or 5 years, and is it is due this year.

Whilst we are back at the hotel thunder roars overhead, and we can’t help but smile at the thought of the due eruption! 😉

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