Very interesting chat with a Nepali guy working in Colomb, Goa, India

After a swim I head to a restaurant near my hut. A guy there asks if I need a room, which I don’t but we start chatting and he says he is from Nepal. I tell him I went recently and we end up chatting for over an hour.

He is 19 and from the east of Nepal. He and 4 other friends spent 3 days traveling by train to Goa, where they will work for 6 months before returning home to continue their studies. They don’t make much money, but they are having a good time. It is the first time they have seen a beach, and tasted seafood. He said he thought lobsters were incredible creatures.

We talk about a lot of things, and he is an interesting kid. I carefully bought up the subject of the Maoists in Nepal. He says he is for them, as they are trying to make a better Nepal. I still don’t know what to think, but told him I thought their cause was good, but didn’t think their tactics were the best.

I checked whether he gets to keep his tips, which he does, and gave him a little.

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