A trip to Patnem beach, Goa, India

I need cash and there is no ATM in Palolem, so I try to rent a moped, which just ends with some guy ringing his brother, so I walk away and eventually rent a mountain bike further out of Palolem. I ride to Canacona, get some cash and ride to Patnem beach.

It’s a lovely beach, smaller and quieter than Palolem, and it is has a good vibe. After lunch I take a walk and ask around at some beach huts. The prices are around INR800. This looks a good spot for me and I think I will return tomorrow to stay. I notice a guy has an NSP surfboard, but the surf is pretty poor. There doesn’t seem anywhere to rent a board. Shame.

I notice what looks like the headland were I am staying at the northern end of the beach, so I can just walk here in the morning.

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