Motorbike shopping, Jaipur, India

Once back at the hotel Rob and I head down the main road in search of motorbike dealers. We find the one suggested by Eugene. I chat with the guy there. Prices are cheap, a brand new TVS 110cc bike costs INR45,000 (US$1,125 / GBP£562), and the impressive 160cc machine is INR65,000 (US$1,625 / GBP£3,250). These are fantastic prices, much cheaper than in the west. But, as I head read and suspected, the guy confirms that it will take up to 7 days for the paperwork to be completed for me to buy a bike. I cannot spare 7 days, and this rules out buying a motorbike here in India.

I am a little disappointed, but quickly change my thinking to spend the rest of my time in India visiting the major, easy to reach, destinations by train and bus. I will leave the little, out of the way, places until I return to India with more time in the future.

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