Jantar Mantar observatory and the City Palace, Jaipur, India

We all jump in the truck and head into the city with Eugene, our guide. We stop at the Jantar Mantar observatory. It is an incredible collection of astrological devices for telling the time of day, time of year and the alignment of the starts. The centre was built in the early 18th century by the very clever Maharajah Jai Singh II. It is a very impressive stop.

We walk over to the City Palace, an amazing collection of buildings, and the home of the Maharajah. The flying flags suggest his highness is in residence. We take in the various public parts of the complex. The buildings and their contents are impressive, but we overdo the tour a little and are all very eager for lunch at the end.

Out guide for the day has been Eugene, who is a very helpful chap who seems to know everything about Jaipur and India.

He points me in the right direction for a motorbike dealer.

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