Palaces and temples of Orchha, Madhya Pradesh, India

06:15 start to pack away the tents and to eat a hearty breakfast. It seems some local men, dressed in green uniforms, with large Alsatian dogs have spent the night under a tree guarding our camp. They light a small fire in the morning and leave when the sun has risen. I guess they are employed by the authorities to protect tourists in the camping area. Tourists are often paid this sort of consideration in India, it’s warming to see.

Our guide collects us and and we take a tuk tuk to the palaces of Orchha. These incredible buildings were built by various kings within a relatively short period. Long since abandoned, the palaces are now protected. We spend 2 hours wandering around the two main palaces, before taking a wander through the streets towards the Rama temple.

I love the atmosphere inside the temple, and wish I could sit there for longer. The pilgrims are praying devotedly. There are many offerings being bought. Anything except flowers are checked by a holy man, overlooked by an armed guard.

Outside we buy some traditional Indian breakfast snacks, which are very spicy. Returning to the truck we get going, but not before we have to backtrack a few kilometres as the ring road is being resurfaced.

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