Bush camping at the palaces in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh, India

A 6 hour drive to Orchha passes quickly today. I’m used to 12 hour trips. The road quality varies and all seems to favor motorbikes. My mind is set on trying to buy one in Jaipur.

The sights are fantastic as we roll through the city. The palaces are truly majestic.

We arrive in Orchha at around 4pm. We unload all of the camping gear and setup. Some people seem less excited about the camping, which is a shame. Camping is part of the trip, and this is a truly amazing spot.

Ali and Rob cook whilst others go to the town. A local restaurant owner brings us beer and other drinks and reasonable rates.

Our camp has many inquisitive visitors – mainly children with many questions. The children are full of energy and their English surprisingly good.

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