Jeep safari in Panna National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India

A 05:30 start for coffee and a drive in jeeps to Panna National Park. It is cold this morning. We spend 4 hours driving around the park area. We spot a lot of deer, some monkeys and birds. We don’t spot any cats – Zoe has heard that there are none remaining in the park, which may be the case.

The highlight of the trip is catchup up with a massive Elephant and her driver. A few Indians are patting the beautiful animal, so I join in. Eventually everyone joins in and we end with photos of use hugging her trunk.

I love elephants.

We are all famished, so head back to the lodge for a hearty breakfast.

The electricity dies seconds after I plug in my laptop, so only paper writing today.

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  1. Photos
    Loving the photos, Dar. Hope you’re taking them in high-res so that you can print a book when you get home!!! Keep up the good work, mate. We’re all proud/jealous of you :0)

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