Temples of Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India

I have a late start, the first in days. After breakfast we head into the town of Khajuarho, home to some of the world’s finest temples.

We park up the truck and fend off the army of touts. We make our way to Raja’s cafe for refreshments before heading over to the temples with out guide.

The temples are spectacular. Featuring some very erotic art, the temples originate from the 10th century. Soon after construction all but one were damaged by invaders. Today they are monuments, with the exception of the one intact temple, situated outside of the park, to allow for prayers.

The park area is beautifully kept, with no random buildings in between them. Our guide mentions that shoes are removed before entering the monuments, even though they are no longer holy buildings, as the illiterate may not be aware the monuments are no longer temples.

We reconvene at Raja’s cafe for lunch. We are paired into cooking teams, me being with Libby. I’m quite happy about this, as Libby is a nice, wise lady. We head into the alien market place to buy our groceries for shopping. Libby and I settle on a vegetable stir fry, followed by fruit salad with yogurt. We get everything we need fairly easily for INR220, which turns out to be much less than the other groups.

I also buys a pair of Indian trousers. I have only bought one pair with me, which I constantly wear, having anticipated warmer weather. Shorts are not acceptable in most of India.

We all meet up and head back to the lodges. We eat daal curry and sink a few drinks, along with chocolate cake, as it’s Ali’s birthday.

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