Bodnath Stupa, Nepal

Still feeling a bit rough today, so I take it easy in the morning with some reading and writing.

At 3pm I catch a taxi to Bodnath Stupa, the last temple I had on my list for this visit. It’s a beautiful temple and more grand than I had imagined. I am surprised by the surroundings though, it is cramped, and I had imagined the spacious surroundings of Swayambhunath.

After buying camera batteries, I start the clockwise rotation around the stupa. There are few other tourists, and a large pilgrim presence – waiting until the late afternoon has really paid off. After circling the temple a couple of times I head to a roof top cafe for Nepali tea.

I grab the same taxi back to Thamel, without having to pay the waiting fee as the driver suggested on the way over. He’s a nice guy though and I do give him an extra NRs50 at the end of the trip.

I have only eaten a croissant today, with a less than perfect stomach, so I stop at a store to buy sugary items and bump into Lucy who I met in Pokhara. We chat for a minute and I head back to the hotel.

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