Power Cuts and Petrol Shortages, Nepal

Kathmandu and Pokhara, Nepal, both regularly suffer power cuts. Pokhara seems to have one every night, Kathmandu, so I’m told by a waiter, has 4 hours a week, but it seems much more. These power cuts are state enforced and almost always between 6 and 8 pm. I’m not sure why the power cuts occur, I can only guess the state use the power for something else. It’s quite a nice sensation, as a visitor to a region, when the power disappears. Shop vendors fire up their little generators, and restaurants and hotels light up dozens of candles.

Over the last few days in Nepal there had been a huge shortage of car fuel. Normally the major fuel stations get deliveries twice a week, but apparently this had been reduced recently. One couple mentioned that they had seen massive cues of cars at the fuel stations, and a taxi driver had waited more than 4 hours in the cue.

It’s such a shame that a beautiful country like Nepal, that offers so much to visitors, has so many setbacks. The ongoing political and royal problems, along with the Maoist terrorist problems continually cause setbacks to the tourist industry. There are a lot of people offering great tourist deals in Nepal. From great family run hotels, to the worlds best and cheapest trekking, rafting and kayaking.

I hope the powers in Nepal can address these issues and further grow Nepal into the holiday destination it should be.

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