An interesting chat with an Israeli travel writer, Kathmandu, Nepal

I headed down to the Roadhouse cafe, which despite the name, serves fantastic wood fired pizza. As I about to leave a woman I chatted with briefly on the bus from Pokhara came an and we said hello. I joined her and we chatted.

She was worked as a tour guide for many years, and now guides tours into Tibet. She has a website,, which I think is in Hebrew only. She (I didn’t get here name!) is a lecturer, writer and photographer also. I an keen to see her website, which I have not done yet, as I write this from my hotel room, having just got in from the restaurant and bustle of Thamel. I loud second rate band are playing nearby. It’s nice to be in a reasonable hotel room though. This room is better, albeit more expensive, than my room at the Hotel Encounter Nepal.

The Israeli lady also mentioned that she had received reasonable discount at many place by saying she was a travel journalist. This has prompted me to get some business cards printed, as she and John, who I met at Swayambhunath and in Pokhara, both asked for my business card. I noticed many places in Delhi offered a business card service, but none here in Kathmandu. I will look more closely tomorrow.

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