Newquay Airport, Gatwick Airport, San Antonia, Ibiza

After waking I realise that I have left it a bit late to get to Newquay airport. I’m not late, but I haven’t left the time I would normally like. Abby drops me to airport, with 30 minutes of check-in time remaining. I wait around and catch the flight to Gatwick.

At Gatwick I change terminals and wait for Steve. We check-in together and head straight for the bar. We kill time, and as I seem to do of late, we get to the gate when they are closing it.

The flight is straight forward and we arrive in good time. The weather is scorching when we arrive. We find the bus and get to the hotel. Other people are dropped off at a hotel some way out of the town of San Antonio. When we get to out hotel, the Galerea, we are grateful it is so close to town. We shower and head down to the welcome meeting. The meeting is a typical 18-30 speech, which we ignore and decline their offers of drinking games, and so forth.

We had out into San Antonio. We take in the sights, and discover the west end; the plethora of bars and clubs built to entertain the rowdy Brits and other visitors. We have some food, a few beers and call it a night.

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