Girona, flying back to Newquay

I try the breakfast at the hostel. The buffet selection is a classic Spanish breakfast of breads, cheeses, hams, chorizo, cereals, juices and coffee. This suits me fine. Whilst I am eating a mass of kids staying at the hostel descend on the dinning room.

I have been a bit disappointed staying at the hostel. Although reasonable new the hostel is in bad condition. It isn’t a good place to meet people either.

I wander through the streets of the told town again. The Arab baths are not open until 10:00, so I wander over to the gardens. I walk and find what I think are the gardens, but am disappointed with them. On my return to the town I find the real gardens. Although smaller than I had imagined, the canopy of the trees offers shade from the already hot sun. Several pathways have been cut into the heavily wooded area. There are a number of sports facilities in the park. One of these buildings suggests that it was connected with the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. A small version of the Olympic rings hang on the flag posts, and it is called Olympic Girona. The building does not suggest its purpose though.

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