Barcelona day 2 – La Sagrada Familia

I get up early and head out to see the sights. Christopher and Gabriel have already done the obvious sights, which I will see today, so we agree to meet at the Olympic village later.

I head out. I pass the Barcelona Cathedral, the Barcelona Arc de Triomphe and catch the Metro to La Sagrada Familia. It is quite a sight. I decide to go in. It is not so impressive inside. I climb the towers, which is slow going. The climb reminds me of the Duomo in Florence. I walk back through the city, stopping at other Galdi buildings. I don’t go inside these houses though. I grab a snack.

I meet up with Christopher and Gabriel at the gates near the Olympic village. We walk around the various buildings. The Olympic village is a bit of a disappointment. The stadium is smaller than I expected and starting to crumble a bit.

We walk a long way through the gardens and up to the castle. The views are excellent from the castle. One is able to see the entire city. We are all exhausted and we are happy when we find a metro stop that gets us back to the Rambla with minimal walking.

We have a few beers in the evening.

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