Newquay to Barcelona

Jess drops me at Newquay airport and I catch the 10am flight to Stanstead. I wait a few hours and then catch the Ryanair flight to Barcelona. Well the plane actually goes to Girona airport, and I catch a bus into Barcelona. The bus takes 1.5 hours and costs €7. I leave the bus station and find the Metro. I get off at the stop right by the Rambla. My map doesn’t have the street I am after, so I buy a big map of Barcelona. I find the street and walk down until I find the hostel.

The hostel is a flat in a beautiful gothic building. The building is in the Latin Quarter, which takes a minute to get used to. It is old and dirty, which is a surprise at first. I soon warm to the area though, preferring it over most parts of Barcelona. The hostel is basic but well run. My rooms mates are Christopher from Brazil, Gabriel from Singapore (via Blackpool), Mat from Australia and a girl from Canada who can’t understand me!

I wander around the Latin Quarter and the Rambla. The weather is hot, 30 degrees, but not very humid.

I have a few beers with Gabriel and sleep. I will see the sights tomorrow.

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