British Summer

This British spring/summer is currently wet and cold, exactly what I hate.  Grrr…

But I am here to get things done.  To grow my business.  So I just focus on that.  The sunshine of southern Europe, Asia and South America will be there in the future.

Not travelling is an important part of travelling.  

  • I have rediscovered old hobbies, not possible when travelling.
  • I have got good at cooking again
  • I have streamlined my lifestyle
  • I am building my business, which will allow better travelling in the future.

I do have a few trips planned

  • A quick trip to Bradford – not very exciting, but it is to see the UK premiere of the amazing Samsara
  • A long weekend in Cornwall for a wedding
  • The Belgian F1 GP
  • And hopefully a few campervan tips this summer too

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