I Know Why I Travel

I’ve had a bit of a moment of clarity.  I know why I long to travel so much:

I haven’t found anywhere I like enough to spend the rest of my life there.

So this had lead me to constantly roam, looking for something new, looking for somewhere to explore and live.

I’ve recently moved to Brighton.  I’m enjoying it here, and I’m bound to enjoy it more as the summer sets in.  There is a big problem though, the weather.  It’s cold.  Much colder than Cornwall, a few hundred miles away, where I grew up.  

I think about my chances of buying a property in Brighton, and using it as a base whilst I continue to explore the earth.  But it’s the weather that makes me think, no way, too cold. 

So weather is a major factor…. That’s all for now….

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  1. Yes no body can know better
    Yes no body can know better than you why you travel and it’s long time you posted new blog post.

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