Nomadic lifestyle makes life easy

I have moved 5 times this year

1. From house in Truro to house in Redruth – January 2011.
2. From house in Redruth into camper van – February 2011.
3. From camper van into house in Redruth – July 2011.
4. From house in Redruth into house in Blackwater – August 2011.
5. From house in Blackwater into house in Truro – October 2011.

And one more will happen. In November I will pack my belongings into my camper van and head south towards Europe.

Having a nomadic lifestyle, with no house of my own means I can go where I like when I like.

Of course there are big downsides. I have few places to store my things, and nowhere to really call my own.

But, whilst I have travel in my veins, the scarifies are worth it for the life of easy travel.

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