New York trip booked

All of our bookings for the New York trip are complete. With our departure date only 1 week away, finding accommodation has been difficult. I spent probably 5 hours in total researching and buying tickets and accommodation.

A quick run down of what we’ve booked (per person):

– 1 flight
– 4 train rides, including an overnight sleeper trip, and a short journey in business class (as it was only $2 more
– 3 bus rides
– 4 different hotels, including a lodge overlooking Niagara Falls and a classic brownstone guesthouse in Harlem.

We normally go away for long trips. About 4 months as a minimum. But this is a 2 week trip. It’s also costing £1,000+ per person. Way above our normal budget of £1,000 per month for the 2 of us.

This is a special trip though 🙂

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