Balangan beach & Ulu Watu, Bali

After breakfast we find a taxi driver and negotiate a price for a day out at Balangan beach, and then down to Ulu Watu for the sunset.

The drive to Balangan beach is good. Lots of natural landscapes. The beach is very much empty, with a few people, a couple of shacks and a number of surfers enjoying the rocky point break. The rock makes the water too shallow for swimming.

We chill on the beach for a while with a few drinks.

Caroline makes the rookie mistake of accepting the first price on sun-loungers. £6 for 2! Woopps. Abby has banned Caroline from any further negotiations.

After we head to Ulu Watu. The temple is just as I remember it from last time, although this time there are many more visitors, due to it being the holidays. The monkeys seem more aggressive.

The sunset is great and get some good pics.

The traffic is busy as we head back to Sanur. We talk to our taxi driver a lot. He has good English. He is a hard working man, who sends his children to private school, and occasionally eats at McDonalds. He is obviously doing OK in life.

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