Cheap Flip-flops and the Best Flip-flops in Thailand

In Thailand, and many other Southeast Asian countries, you will find many fake products, particularly major brands and labels that visiting tourists are keen to buy.

Flip-flops, being the national footwear of Thailand, are everywhere.  Fake copies are very popular. Havanaias are the most popular and the most copied.

I have been through many pairs of flip-flops during my travels in Asia, so I thought I’d give you some tips, so that you can save some money, and get the most comfortable footwear.

Fakes are not worth it

Fake flip-flops

In my opinion, fake copes of major brand flip-flops are not worth buying.  Whilst they look nice, they will  not last, and they are not the comfiest option.

On Kh San Road in Bangkok, and many other places, you see endless sellers selling very good looking copies.  They generally starts from 150 Baht. 

I’ve been through many pairs of these, generally lasting between 1 and 3 months, before the deck wears out, and the thong pulls through, also known as a ‘blow out’.  On the island of Ko Samui I did buy a pair for 50 Baht.  But within a few weeks the deck was squashed flat and they had become too uncomfortable to wear.

Buy real flip-flops

Whilst real Havanias will cost a lot (US$20), good quality Thai flip-flops will cost from 200 Baht.  Head to a Thai shoe shop, or sports shop, and you’ll find a great choice of high quality, and ultra comfy flip-flops.

Good flip flops

These flip-flops (above) cost me 250 Baht from a sports shop at the Big C near Chaweng in Ko Samui.  They had so many to choose from, it was a tough choice.  These flip-flops are by far the most comfortable I have ever worn, and they will last so much longer than the cheap copies.  And they only cost 100 Baht more.

Spending the little bit more, but on the right product, will save you money in the long run, and keep you feet happy.

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