Weird Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Keen to see where we are, I take a couple of walks before Abby wakes. The are we are in has a funny charm about it. The wide sandy streets seem more like Australian suburbia than Southeast Asia. It is early morning though.

We’re both nursing upset stomachs and runny tummies. Something we ate yesterday was not good. After hydrating we head out for breakfast.

The weather is changing and it starts to rain. After more toilet action we out on our ponchos and head out towards the market.

The downtown area is quite charmless. We walk down a few side streets, getting ‘Hello’s from kids. We make it to the market, which is big and not so chaotic, but has little to offer us.

We walk back through the town and head towards the beach. We stop for a drink in the Dolphin Cafe. It’s not such a great place, and whilst we eventually get given menu’s no one comes to take out order and we leave.

We find another place to eat which is much more like it. We order with the very switched on girl. Lots of children and ladies selling goods fight for our attention. It’s hard work.

We see a woman dragging her very elderly relative around, using her as a pawn for begging. It’s the most disgusting display of begging I have seen. I do not even look, let alone give.

Later, a blind man with a very good voice is being led by a young girl. We give him a little money and he thanks us ‘very much’. Local people give him money also.

More rain comes in the afternoon and we spend much of it on the toilet.

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