Where to go next?

So Abby and I have a good deal of time on this trip, and there are a number of countries we want to visit. Having visited them all last year, this trip is more of a top-up with the chance of exploring further.

We are now in Malaysia, we have done the exploring we want to do here, give or take a little island or two. Ideally we’d head down to Bali. We love it there, it is cheap, and I am very keen for a surf.

However, we are hoping to meet Abby’s Mum there near Christmas time, and do not want to use up our visa options before there.

Thailand is currently having a few problems, so that leaves Cambodia. We love Cambodia, and always wanted to return to explore a little deeper.

So we are planning to fly to Sieam Reap next week. Spend a week or so there, with a day inside the main Angkor temples, and some scooter time exploring the more remote ruins.

After SR we’ll head down to Phnom Phen and down to the beach towns, where we haven’t been yet.

After that we’ll decide where we want to spend some time, and rent an appartment there. This will probably be in Phnom Phen.

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