Ko Phangan, Thailand

Up early again, I go down to Harry’s for breakfast.  I enjoy the best banana pancakes I have had in Thailand (I would think Thailand would have the best banana pancakes, but generally they are a bit lacking).  I say goodbye to the people there, who I have got to know a bit over the last few weeks.  Harry gives me my money back saying it’s his treat.  Nice people indeed.

I get the bus to the northern ferry terminal.  After a wait the ferry chugs us over to Phangnan.  The islands are amazing close at the closest point.  The boat docks at Haad Rin, and it’s nice to be able to walk off and not need a taxi/pickup.  I sidestep the touts and take a look around.  It’s fairly quiet, as if a lot of people are missing.  I head towards the beach to get some bearings.  As the lane ends and the beach begins I notice a stack of massive speakers.  This is the Full Moon part beach, and I notice I am right next to Paradise, the place where the parties started.  I think it’s a good idea to not stay this close to the music.  I require something much more chilled.  The beach is amazing though.

I head south from the town, and ask at a good looking place.  They only have expensive rooms left.  As I am walking a Swedish guy on a scooter asks I am looking for a room.  He says he runs a place at the top of the hill, and has a basic single room for 150 Baht.  This is much cheaper than most places.  I say thanks.  He offers me a lift, I say I make my own way up.

It’s a fair walk up steep hills, but I love to check things out as  I travel.  Many travelers are ushered from point to point, without seeing things like the spaghetti of wires that run up the lane, or the massive lizards that lurk in the vegetation.

The Chill House is the place.  The views are amazing, and the room basic.  But’s it’s very cheap, the cheapest place I have stayed in Thailand.  I chat with Michael for a while about the rising prices in Thailand, the lack of people this year, and his living here for the last 18 months.

I get my things are head down to the town.  I take a needed dip in the sea.  The water is calm, turquoise and teaming with small tropical fish.  I get a drink and something to eat.  I walk the length of the town looking for places to stay.  I find a few good options, and they are all in the 500 Baht range.  More than I want to pay, but I am after a little comfort at the moment.

I have an iced coffee on the beach and head back to the guesthouse, where I get attacked my mosquitoes in the shower.

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