Planning my next trip

I am planning to go away at the end of this month (Jan 2009). The bitting cold of the English winter has got to me, and I’m off. It’s the first winter I have spent at home in three years. I’ve loved spending Christmas with my family, but I don’t like this weather, and this had been a good reminder that I need to live elsewhere. I’m thinking of Australia or Spain for long-term living, but there is still more travelling to do for now…

I want to spend a few months surfing in Bali. I love it there, and have not had enough surfing this year. But, Indonesian visas are short and hassle. But I have read that it’s possible to get a 2 month tourist visa and have it extended whilst in Bali, without leaving.  The embassy here in the UK say the visa they will give me can’t be extended.  So I’m planning to heading to Bangkok, spend a month working my way south, catch up with friends in Malaysia, and then spend some time in Singapore, the one country in the region I haven’t visited yet.

From there I hope to get a 2 month visa to visit Indonesia.  I noticed that it’s possible to fly to Perth in Australia fairly cheaply, so I’m hoping to visit friends there, as I haven’t been there for 10 years! 

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