Visiting Angkor, day 3, and shopping at the market, Siem Reap, Cambodia

A 4am start to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat. When we get to the sight the light and colours are starting to come through. It’s a little cloudy so some effect is lost, but it’s still a great sight. There are a surprising amount of people around, but still nowhere near as many as on our previous visit a few days before.

We grab some breakfast after Angkor Wat and head back to our favorites. We stop at Bayon, where we discover a bit we had missed before. After chatting to a local guy for a while about the restoration projects we head over to Ta Prohm, my favorite temple in the site. The first time we visited this temple it was raining, so now we get to visit in the dry. We find and notice several things we missed the first time, in particular several more massive trees that are engulfing the temple, which are probably more spectacular than the other trees. There are several tour groups visiting whilst we are there, so we take our time and wait for them to thin out a bit so that we can get some good photographs.

We’re feeling pretty tired and templed out by the afternoon, so we ask the tuk-tuk driver to drop us into town. We grab a drink and head into the market. The market here is a pleasant mixture of shops, and a much more chilled atmosphere than the markets in Phnom Penh. We go shopping crazy and by a lot of things to take home.

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