Market shopping and the National Museum, Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

We head over to the Central Market again, to try and get some more treasures to take home. We only have 20 days of the trip left, and only a few more places to stop, so we are collecting as many nice things as possible now. When we came to the market before we didn’t find much to buy, but this time we were much more successful. I manage to find 3 t-shirts and a very bright shirt, and Abs finds several bags. We’re really enjoying the battering that comes with market shopping. Although we do have a bitter experience when buying drinks, when not only do they overcharge us, but they try to short change us as well.

We have found the Cambodian people to be the friendliest, most helpful and the most honest of all the people we have met on this trip. A contrast from the aggressive people of Vietnam. It’s amazing how the Cambodian people, who have suffered so much in recent times, are the most forward thinking and considerate. I think Cambodia is set for great things in the future, maybe more so than her neighbours.

In our guesthouse there is a sign advertising software developer jobs, and English teaching jobs. Something that appeals to us both, if only we had more time.

After the market be get a tuk-tuk to the National Museum. It’s a wonderful building filled with wonderful artefacts from all over Cambodia. Many from the Angkor region, which is a shame, but at least they are safe in the Museum now, rather than being sold into the wrong hands.

We don’t have time to visit the Silver Pagoda or Palace, so we will have to leave them for next time.

In the evening we venture away from the guesthouse and have a great dinner by the river. There are many people relaxing for the evening by the river, and it’s fun to watch. We get approached by some funny characters whilst we are eating.

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