Quiet day in Nha Trang, Vietnam

After a late start cloudy and rainy weather rolls in. We take a stroll around town and later go to the beach. There are lots of locals playing football and swimming. Mainly guys though, but we see a few Vietnamese women swimming.

When we go back to the hotel the guide who met us from the train station asks us about tours, suggesting that we have not done anything since we have been here. We say we are leaving tomorrow, we asks about bus tickets and we say we bought them earlier. We gets quite aggressive and says that they sell them there. This upsets me a bit and I walk off. I really don’t like being pressured or suggested as to what to do.

After a nice dinner our we get back to the hotel room. The AC isn’t working,and we think that maybe they have turned it off. I go down to pay. The clerk tries to overcharge me, although this does seem like a genuine mistake. I take the calculator and total everything up. He agrees this is the real price, but then doesn’t have the right change when I try to pay, so I leave it until the morning. The AC is turned back on, but I think this is also genuine, as all the power board switches were turned off earlier as there was a power cut.

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