Moving hotels in Ninh Bing, Vietnam

Just as I am finishing my shower in the morning there is a knock at the door. I say ‘hello’, and someone replies and then unlocks the door and tries to come into the room. Strange. I get dressed and unbolt the door. A guy says the TV is not working and that he wants to fix it. I say ‘don’t worry’ as I am not using the TV. He says that the other TV’s are not working and tries to walk in. Abby is still in bed, and I have to stop him with my hand and push him back out. Very strange.

We decide to check out and find another hotel. We intend to catch the train further south, and there is a recommended guesthouse near to the train station. We pack up and whilst checking out the receptionist asks where we are going. We have a small conversation about the man trying to enter our room, during which time he walks by and I point him out. The girl says he is the boss.

We leave and make the walk across town to the other hotel, eventually finding it in the warren of streets. This hotel (Queens) is much more friendly and the room is better. We inquire about trains to Hue. There are now only 2 trains stopping at Ninh Binh, and only 1 has sleeper berths, but arrives at 1.30 am. This is not ideal for us. We decide to take the overnight sleeper bus, something we have been keen to avoid as I had read it received so many complaints.

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