The Hanoi Hilton and Cambodia Visas, Hanoi, Vietnam

We take a walk down to the Cambodia embassy, to get our visas, but they are just about to shut for their long lunch break. We take a walk around a nearby lake and watch a bit of local life. We grab lunch and return to the embassy to be told that the consular is shut until Monday – or at least that we think is being said.

We decide to leave the visas and head over to the Hoa Lo Prison Museum, better known as the Hanoi Hilton. It’s a good museum, which mainly concentrates on the French revolution, but has interesting exhibits from the America-Vietnam war.

In the evening we head to the Cyclo Restaurant, where we eat excellent French food sat in old cyclos that used to the ride the streets of Hanoi. A very nice place. We decide that tomorrow we will catch the bus to Halong Bay, as we have had our fix of Hanoi.

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