Vientiane to Vang Vieng by Bus, Laos

After breakfast we catch the bus to Vang Vieng. The bus doesn’t have AC, and it’s very hot, but the breeze is enough to stop us cooking. The views are great, especially as we near Vang Vieng where the terrain becomes much hillier. The bus stops at a small resort, right by the river. The resort looks really nice, and the rooms are a good price, so we decide to stay here for a night.

We spend the afternoon sitting in the restaurant, re-hydrating ourselves, and watching the strange spectacle of large trucks and tractors driving up and down the river (as the bridges are too small to carry large vehicles). We are tempted to take a swim in the river, which we are unsure about at first, but when the kids leave school they all jump in the river, so it seems pretty safe.

In the afternoon Abby does a fine job of cutting my hair, which was getting a bit long for comfort.

Tomorrow we hope to take a good look around the area, and maybe go tubing.

In the evening we speak to our friend Cameron. He was thinking of taking a short trip away, and we suggested meeting him in Hanoi, Vietnam. Fingers crossed!

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