A long day of travelling to Hadyai, Thailand

Tomorrow we catch a train from Hadyai to Kuala Lumpur. There are trains from Surat Thani to Hadyai, but they are only in the mornings and often full.

So today we check out at 10, have a leisurely breakfast and pay our sizeable bill. We catch a pickup to the jetty and catch the ferry to Surat Thani, via Ko Samui. From the ferry we take a big bus to the ferry companies office where we have some nice fried rice.

We expected to catch a bus to Hadyai at 17:30, but at 16:30 a mini-bus arrives and we are called. I prefer big buses over mini-buses, as they are more comfortable, but mini-buses are often faster. So we leave the bus compound, but it takes about 2 hours for the driver to collect his passengers from around Surat Thani, and so we actually leave an hour late.

Our driver drives really quickly to try and make up the time, but we arrive in Hadyai at 22:15. We’ve been to the town before and know exactly where we want to stay. The drive agrees to drop us off at the train station, and does, after getting lost a couple of times.

We walk to the Louise Guesthouse and check-in. We try to find somewhere to eat, but it is late, and the town is closed. We are very tired, but our travelling today has left us an easy walk onto the train tomorrow, where we can sit back and watch the world go by.

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