Onto the Pulau Perhentian islands, Malaysia

We catch the mini-bus for a day of travel to Kuala Besut. After form filling (government requirements) We jump on the ‘fast boat’ to the small island (Kecil). Once we get past the harbour area the boat driver opens the twin 200BPH engines and smiles (some of fear) come across everyone’s faces as we race at breakneck speed towards the islands. The journey takes just 30 minutes.

We land at Coral Bay due to the waves being high at Long Beach on the other side of the islands. We trek across the islands, through the jungle path, and arrive at the beautiful beach. We check a few places to stay, which are either full or a bit drab and settle on a bungalow at Matahari Chalets. We have no water, and later find we are right by the generator that runs all night. But ear-plugs get us a good nights sleep.

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