Sengiggi, Lombok to Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

An early start to pack and catch the 10am bus to Lembar, from where we will take the ferry to Padangbai in Bali, and then onto Kuta.

The bus passes through developed areas of Lombok, classic rice paddies and across a range of roads.

Lombok has clear signs of the real, or old Indonesia, of which only fragments remains in Bali.

Our bus is stopped by the police, but they are only interested in seeing the drivers paperwork. We later pass through another roadblock. This must be the improved security I’ve read about.

We get to Lembar where we get aboard the ferry, which is pretty big. We are hassled by the normal range of vendors.

We settle into an outside bench which we have to ourselves. The ferry ride is fine. The weather becomes a little wet and windy, but the ferry doesn’t get too rough.

Back in Bali we take the bus back to Kuta, via Ubud.

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