Galungan festival day and rice paddy walks in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Today is the Galungan festival day in Bali. There are lots of decorations on the street. Everyone is dressed in their Sunday best.

We ride the scooter into town, and after a few jobs (which is tricky with everything shut), we take a walk out amongst the rice paddies. This is perhaps one of the things I have most looked forward to in Indonesia. Once we have walked to the end of the lane, dodging all of the people doing their tasks in their festival dress, we round a corner and there are the rice paddies in the front of us.

We walk amongst the rice paddies, up and down hills. The views are amazing. These are working farms with people growing the rice they need, and rearing a few ducks which are a local specialty. The people here (also dressed up for the festival) are friendly and chatty. We meet a man who is keen for us to take his picture.

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