Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

After clearing customs quickly and without fuss I get a taxi to Kuta. I experience a small culture shock, but probably in reverse to most people. It’s rather nice seeing vehicles of different makes (including European cars), proper roads, pavements, curb stones and courteous driving – things I have not seen for 2 months. Kuta is certainly more developed than I had expected, which is a welcome surprise today, but I hope it remains so during my month in Indonesia. I am sure as I visit Lombok and Java the development will reduce significantly and hassles will increase.

I check into the Hotel Sorga off Poppies Gang I. It’s a lovely bright hotel, with lots of facilities including a pool, which my spotless room overlooks. The room is great value and a little taste of luxury that will be a nice introduction to backpacking for my girlfriend who is arriving in 3 days.

I take a walk down by the beach. The wet season’s winds are blowing a gale onto the shore, but dozens of surfers are working hard in catching the waves. I’m looking forward to getting in myself tomorrow.

There is no sunshine but the temperature is high, just like the humidity.

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