Reorganised by backpack and took a few things out

I have a 60 litre travel pack which has slowly been getting heavier since my trip started. I travel light, but have a few items that are weighting my down. In particular I am carrying a guide book to Nepal (which I don’t need, but want to take some notes from), a big guide book to India, which I will loose in a few weeks, and a guide book to Southeast Asia (for when I visit there in a few weeks). So I will loose 2 heavy guide books over the next few weeks, but I still have a number of things I really don’t need. My back is also getting a bit disorganised. Time for a clear out and a sort out.

I bought a jumper from home, but I will now be in the tropics until I return home next June, so I don’t need it. Even though it’s my favorite I will give it to the guest house owner tomorrow when I leave. I’m not sure it’s any use to him though, its winter now and he just wears shorts! Maybe he can us it for rags?

I also have a pair of Indian style trousers that I have only worn once. I bought them in India, but they have no pockets and I’d rather wear shorts anyway. I’ll leave these with the guest house also.

I am carrying a sleeping bag, from camping in India, but don’t need it now. I kept it in case I stayed at budget places with a motorbike, but didn’t get a motorbike in the end, and it’s so hot its the last thing I need. I hope the guest house owner can make use of it also.

I’ve traded my reading books here at the guesthouse.

I have a pair of light’ish trousers, which I don’t want, but need to keep in case of visiting temples. I’m looking for a nice lightweight replacement, but until I find them I need to keep hold of them 🙁

I’m going to keep hold of everything else for now. I’ve rearranged my pack, and stored the things I little use (shoes, rain jacket) in the bottom part of the pack. I have removed the mosquito net from there and will now strap that to my day pack when in transit.

Hopefully my pack will be a bit more manageable tomorrow when I set off.

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